Our Range of Services


With Asdee.com/DocIT Information Management Solutions, our feature rich software allows you to capture all document types across all departments of your business. It will upload your documents to a Safe, Secure, GDPR and Revenue compliant environment.
At Asdee.com we organise and schedule the capture of all of your different document types including paper based (hardcopy) documents and electronic (softcopy) files, images, emails etc. into secure cloud based platform of your choosing or your in-house server based system.


Once a document is indexed the system will
managed all future updates to existing documents by appending changes and/or adding new documents as required.  If a document is no longer required it may be deleted following secure process review.


Retrieval is simple, secure and instant...No more lost or misplaced documents or files...  
With Asdee.com Information Management Solutions, your staff will spend more time being productive and less time looking for documents.  Staff can work in a secure environment that complies with strict GDPR regulations either in-house or remotely on any device with access to all the relevant data they require.